SAAB 93 1956-1960


Photo Credit: SAAB Motors Inc. – 93 Promotional Photo, New York, NY, 1956.

The SAAB 93 (ninety three), is the successor to the 92B and was produced in 1955.
This was also the first SAAB ever to be imported into the United States a year later in 1956 to the port of Hingham, Massachusetts, as well as Portugal, Spain and other countries.
The final year of this early model, it had the option of a two-point seatbelt by 1957.
This model was the second production vehicle for SAAB and came equipped with the following specifications:

2-door body with suicide doors, split-windscreen, larger rear window, larger luggage space with opening lid, option for textile roof, four seats, 810kg/1,786 lbs, painted in Torreador Red, Gray, White, Black, Blue and Blue-Grey.

Four Seats.

Unitary, independent front & rear suspension, coil and wishbones, anti-roll bar, shock absorbers, hydraulic drum brakes, single circuit braking, rack and pinion steering and a 36.4 liter tank with tires of 5.20 x 15 with 4″ rim.

Transverse three-cylinder, 786cc 33hp with aluminum cylinder head and cast iron block, 4-bearing crankshaft, Solex 40AIC downdraught carburettor fan, thermostat and circulating cooling pump.

Front-Wheel Drive, 3 Geared on the column manual shifter with saxomat clutch.

Wheelbase 244.8cm/97″
Front Track 122cm/48″
Rear Track 122cm/48″
Ground Clearance 15cm/6″
Turning Circle (L) 10.8m/35.5′, (R) 10.5m/34′
Length 401cm/158″
Width 157cm/62″
Height 147cm/58″
Performance Max Speed 75mph/120kph
14.1mph@1,000 rpm
Acceleration 0-60mph 33.9secs
Standing Mile 24.9secs
Average Fuel Consumption 32.4mpg (test)



On September 2, 1957 the 93B as the successor to the SAAB 93 (ninety three). One of the most noticeable changes in this model included the former two-piece windshield being replaced with a one-piece windshield.
The SAAB 92b also began with an option of a two-point seatbelt.



In late 1959 the 93F was introduced, following the 93B which featured front-hinged doors hence the designation of ‘F’ for front hinged doors.
The 93F marked the final year of production for the 93 and included the ability for SAAB to sell the remaining parts inventory prior to the new model launch. It was manufactured in only some 600 units.
In April of 1958, the Saab 93 GT750 (Gran Turismo) was introduced as a celebration to SAAB’s rally history.
The 93 GT750 was outfitted in both 93B and 93F models while featuring extra rally lights, chrome plated hubcaps as well as side moldings and GranTurismo emblems all around.

605 Built, 546 delivered to the United States.
A total of 52,731 Saab 93s were made from 1955-1960.