SAAB 95 1959-1978


The SAAB 95 was created in May of 1959 as a two-stroke seven passenger “estate” wagon that included rear-hinged suicide doors from older SAAB 93s and 93Bs and was built in the Linköping, Sweden factory due to capacity in Trollhättan and the V4 models began production in Uusikaupunki, Finland.
This new model for SAAB was the most capable vehicle in terms of storage and passenger capacity, with the bench seat in the rear that folded away for two.
This model ran until 1966 when it was converted into model equipped with a V4 engine in 1967 that carried it all the way until 1978.
This new model for SAAB and came equipped with the following specifications:

Exterior: Estate, three doors, 905kg/1,995 lbs.
1960 MY Blue and white two-tone color and silver-grey wheels.
1961 MY Rear Roof Spoiler, city grey and arctic ocean blue
1963 MY SAAB Emblem changed to Saab name and logo airplane on grille & midnight blue, brown-beight and black were included, green was eliminated.
1964 MY New Colors of Glacier Blue and Savannah Brown
1965 MY Straight Nose, eliminating bullnose & New Headlights and directionals. New Colors were Olive Green, Torreador Red, Polar White, Midnight Blue, Savannah Brown and Glacier Blue.
1966 MY New Hubcaps, stainless steel trim strips, new headlamp flasher, new external rear view mirrors, disc brakes, designated as “95 Special” with new colors such as dark grey and yellow, savannah brown and olive green eliminated.
1967 MY Hussar Blue and Silversand added as colors
1968 MY V4 De Lux with trim strips and rear windows that could be opened, windscreen had an electric pump powered washer and 7cm deeper.
1969 MY Rectangular Headlamps, chrome grille, indicators moved to front wings, US still had round headlampsm, Sea Green and Black colors added.
1970 MY Medium Blue color added and headlamps wired via ignition so lights could not be left on.
1971 MY Headlight Washers Added, with electrodipping to improve rust prevention, new colors silver mink and tyrolene green replaced sea green.
1972 MY New Bumpers, Wheels with air holes. Amber Yellow and Verona Green added to colors.
1973 MY All markets now had rectangular headlights except for U.S. and carolina blue and brilliant yellow replaced medium blue and tyrolene green.
1974 MY Two piece plastic grille replaced 6 piece chrome grill. Radial tires and reel-style seatbelts, all standard. Sunset Orange, Sienna Brown and Lion Yellow were new colors.
1975 MY Black Windscreen wipers and window surrounds, New Colors Emerald Green, Coral White and Solar Red replaced Verona Green, Polar White and Toreador Red and alloy wheels for 1975B special model.
1976 Energy Absorbing Bumpers now standard. These would withstand a collision of up to 8kph (5mph) and resume their original shape. New Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), topaz yellow and opal green new colors.
1977 MY Black wing mirrors now with increased glass area. Astral Blue and Antelope Brown added to colors.
1978 MY Enlarged sidelight/indicator light clusters on the front wings. Jade Green and Laguna Blue substituted Opal Green and Astral Blue colors.




Seven Seats
1961 MY Woolen Cloth Interior
1962 MY Standard Seat Belts
1963 MY Horn Ring on Steering Wheel, Larger Rear View Mirror, Raised Seats and Better HVAC
1964 MY New Instrument Panel with round cluster & darker interior color
1966 MY New Instrumentation including tachometer
1967 MY New 3-Point Seat Belts
1968 MY Brake circuit indicated, V4 De Lux with rear windows that could be opened, dash in dark grey, controls in black to suppresss reflection, rear view mirror moved from dash to top of windscreen, horn ring replaced with control on steering column.
1969 MY telescopic steering column, attachments for head restraints
1970 MY An all new interior, a new instrument panel with all meters and lamps contained within two recessed dials, a new steering wheel and new buttons for heating and lighting, rear seat belts standard and V4 delux phased out.
1971 MY New Handbrake and warm air duct to rear seats
1972 MY Electronically Heated Seats
1973 MY All Instruments modified with yellow pointers and sunvisors had black backs.
1974 MY Rear seatbelt reminder lamp
1975 MY Reel-Type seat belts standard in rear, New Tachometer & leather steering wheel for 1975B Special Model
1976 MY Rear Bench Seat Was removed to the relocation of a spare wheel.
1977 MY Front Seats had 99 style, including head restraints.
1978 MY Front 99 Style Seats, integrated head restraint.

Unitary, independent front suspension, front springs wishbones and coil with anti-roll torsion bars, beam axle, coil rear springs, front telescopic shock absorbers, rear lever arm, hydraulic drum brakes, single circuit braking, rack and pinion steering, 38.6 litre fuel tank, 5.60×15 tyres, 4″ rim.
1962 MY Interference suppression,vacuum conrolled ignition setting
1964 MY Diagonal split brakes
1969 MY Servo assisted brakes




Three-cylinder longitudinally mounted, 70x73mm, 841cc, compr: 7.3:1, 38hp @ 4,250 rpm, 79Nm @ 3,000 rpm & Two-stroke, aluminium cylinder head, cast iron block, 4-bearing crankshaft, one Zenith 34 VNN carburettor, fan, thermostat and pump (1959-1966)
1961 MY Key Activated Starter Motor
1965 MY Redesigned HVAC system & Engine Compression increased to 8.1:1 with hp to 44hp. New Hydraulic Clutch, fuel pump, exhaust system and top mounted foot pedals for clutch.
1966 MY Triple-Carburretor with higher output and fuel consumption as well.
1967 MY New V4- Engine (1967-1978) Four cylinder in V configuration, four stroke 1498cc 65 hp, new alternator, new battery and starter
1969 MY Autolite carburettor, airfilter, new radiator and expansion tank.
1971 MY 1.7 Liter engine with 65hp
1975 MY Special Model fitted with 1700 V4 Engine known as 1975B
1976 MY Engine output decreased to 62 hp from 65 for emissions standards.
1977 MY Twin-Choke Carburettor raised horsepower to 68 hp with the designation to the model as 1977B.

Front-wheel drive, three-speed transmission, spiral bevel final drive, 5.43:1.
1966MY Four Speed Transmission
1975 MY Strenghtened Transmission
V4 Four speed manual gear box with free wheel

Wheelbase 248.9cm/98″
Front Track 122cm/48″
Rear Track 122cm/48″
Ground Clearance 19cm/7.5″
Turning Circle (L) 10.97m/36′, (R) 11.5m/37’10”
Length 401.5cm/158″
Width 157.5cm/62″
Height 147cm/58″
Performance Max Speed 75mph/120kph
15.8 mph/25.4 kph @1,000 rpm
Acceleration 0-60mph 44secs
Standing Mile 24.8secs
Average Fuel Consumption 26.34mpg (manufacturer)


Production ended on 23 February 1978 with Saab manufacturing some 110,527 units since its introduction in 1959.