NEVS building new SAABs 2017

Below is a translated copy of an article from Swedish Newspaper Expressen:

Here are the new Saab-cars

By summer, the first new NEVS cars will be delivered to customers in China, and a year later it should be possible to buy a NEVS car in Sweden. This was revealed by the company’s CEO, Mattias Bergman, when he spoke at the Stora Bildagen (Big Car Day).
We have two more new models in the works, Bergman said, as he showed off a picture with sketches of the new models from Trollhättan.


After a few tough years, NEVS are near to the launch of its first new electric vehicle – dubbed the Corporate Sedan. The car is built on the same platform as the old 9-3 and will begin to be built in Trollhättan shortly.

-We will start with building painted car bodies and sending them to China for final assembly and delivery. By 2017 it should be possible buy NEVS cars in Sweden, revealed Mattias Bergman when he spoke at Stora Bildagen.

50 new employees per month

NEVS’s ambitious plans for large-scale production of electric cars slowed down when one of the previous owners did not complete their commitment.
-We were forced to take a break and secure new funding. Now we employ 50 people per month to launch production this summer. In total, the current owners have invested about four billion on NEVS. The slightly revised business plan still has a clear focus on electric vehicles and NEVS today have completely put aside plans to manufacture cars with internal combustion engines. After the Sedan, NEVS will launch a Family SUV, an Active Allrounder; an Urban Adventure and Sports Urban SUV. Mattias Bergman showed sketches of the cars NEVS have a target production of at least 60 000 cars per year in Trollhättan. A new car plant in Tianjin, a town that are funding Nevs, has a capacity of about 200 000 cars per year.

Production capacity for other manufacturers

-We are also negotiating to take production of another manufacturer in Trollättan. We offer a capacity of 60,000 cars in the year.

Mattias Bergman is also negotiating to use the Saab brand.

-A dialogue is ongoing but we can not tell you anything today.

When the factories rolls fully, the aim is to sell cars in Europe, USA and China. But it is not certain that it will be through traditional retailers. When NEVS previously tried to sell cars, they sold them over the internet.

-What I can say is that we will meet our customers where they want to be met, explained Mattias Bergman.

Text and image credit: Jan-Erik Berggren/Expressen. Translation: