SAAB invests in cars again

In the beginning of next year the former parent company of SAAB automobile will start a new unit. The new unit will be selling products based on the IT-system in the fighter aircraft Gripen and SAABs new radar, targeting self-driving cars.

In an inteview with SAABs CEO, Håkan Buskhe, he told SvD that “If we are going to have self-driving cars, we must be absolutely sure that no one can access and change the critical traffic parts. The architecture we have developed for the Gripen simply suits the car industry very well and could be a classic example of a good spin-off by the defense industry”. 


Source: GM

The plan is also that SAAB’s new radar system should be able to get more areas of usage – for example, in the self-driving cars. For this, however, it’s required to use the new mobile network 5G, which makes it possible in a few years, but SAAB is already involved in this.

“We are already working with Ericsson on this and see great potential” says Buskhe to SvD, he also states that the interest from the automotive industry is large. Reportedly, car companies expect to save about three years of development work if they start using Saab’s systems, which basically is already finished. Buskhe also sees good opportunities to sell the Gripen system to the civil aviation industry.

“If we manage this in the right way, it can be huge for SAAB” Buskhe continues.

Do you think SAAB eventually will put their tecnology in their own-built car?